Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Computer Forensic Career

Computer forensics is the investigation of the cyber world using modern equipment and skillful thinking. Have you always wanted to solve online crimes, discover faults and figure out how the computers ‘mind’ works? Do you have a passion for computers and the internet?

Maybe you should start a career in this field of study. Here are the five reasons:

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  1. It can be a life long career that provides you a stable lifestyle for now and in the future due to its high demand in the job market. There are a variety of positions offered, from computer forensic investigators, digital media analysts, digital forensics experts, forensic team leaders, bureau supervisors, forensic consultant, forensic agents, digital forensics detectives, etc.
  2. This job offers a high salary and lucrative income. The more skills and knowledge you have, the higher qualification you possess and the more income you obtain. The salary range of a computer forensic specialist is from USD$80,000 to USD$120,000 annually, depending on their investigative skills and experience. Private companies normally offer more lucrative pay than government law enforcement agencies.
  3. It is a very challenging and exciting job where you need to deal with many types of people, many types of fraudulent activities and you definitely won’t be bored in your work. Your jobs vary from case to case, project to project.
  4. You can learn many advanced IT skills as the computer technology keeps developing and you will have the opportunities to try most advanced IT devices in your investigative work.
  5. It provides great self satisfaction to you when you have completed each individual task. During investigation, you may need to work days and nights and there are many obstacles you need to overcome.

Are you convinced? This job is indeed an interesting one that is both thrilling and at high demand as well. So, if you have the interest in this field, why not try your hand and enroll yourself for a computer forensics course today.

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